The Winery

Our winery is small, but well equipped for the wines that we make. We do most of our fermentations in very small batches, often as small as 250 liters (60 gallons).  This allows us to keep far better control over the winemaking process of each batch.  The fermentations are done cold, usually at 58-60 degrees.  At the low temperatures, the fermentations proceed slowly, taking more time in the vat, but the slow, cool fermentation helps to preserve the fruity and floral nuances that are so critical to fine wines.

Our wines are predominantly made in stainless steel, with minimal use of oak.  When we do use oak, we use it sparingly to add a complexity to the flavor, never to overpower the flavor of the fruit. Our oak barrels are mostly French Burgundian, so-called chateau-style barrels, with medium toast.





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Victorianbourg Wine Estate
is a member of the Niagara Wine Trail

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